Hoonaz Afaghi
Was born: 1973 April, Tehran, Iran
Master of Arts in Graphic Design in 2001
Continuous member of Iranian Graphic Designer society
Teaching in Alzahra university from 2006-2008
Artistic Career since 2002
Art Categories: Graphic design, Painting, Jewelry drawing and making
2017 Japan Artclay Silver courses basic to advanced

2019 – 51st Open International Juried Exhibition
2019 – Review me – The Universal Soul of Nature
2018 – 5th Annual International Exhibition of CALLIGRAPHIES IN CONVERSATION
2017 The Gateway – Arizona, America
2017 Calligraphies in Conversation – California, America
2017 Florence Biennale – Florence, Italy
2016 10th London International Creative Competition – London, England
2008 Designing Arm Second Islamic Solidarity Games